Aluminum Housing and Bearing Locknuts Aluminum’s natural properties make it a great material for washdown applications. Unlike steel, aluminum will not corrode (rust) and wash away. Aluminum will oxidize but during the oxidation process it actually forms a protective coating or skin on the surface of the component that resists further oxidation.
Aluminum is also a good base material for application of other coating treatments.
Hard Anodizing is typically used on drives for the food and chemical processing industries. The coating provides an electrochemical aluminum oxide coating on the outer surface of components providing a hard, corrosive-resistant surface suitable for harsh environments and caustic washdown environments.
Electroless Nickel Plating provides a superior corrosive and wear resistant surface. Nickel phosphorus alloy is uniformly deposited onto the metallic substrate creating a very durable surface and preventing the environment from reacting with the base metal.
Chromate conversion coating provides protection from corrosion and wear. Application of the coating does not affect critical dimensions and allows the surface to be painted due to its good adhesion properties.

This process is often used in military applications where components need additional corrosion and wear protection, and need to be painted.

Electrostatic Powder Coating is a solvent free method of bonding a strong protective and aesthetically appealing finish to metal components. The coating is extremely durable and will often outlast paint and plating.

This coating is often used in the food processing and packaging industry where a quality appearance and durability are needed.

Machined Housing and Shafts

Housing Machining – MITRPAK can modify housings to meet individual customer specifications. We have a complete in-house milling operation.

Shaft Machining – Shafts can be turned and milled to meet individual customer specifications. MITRPAK standard shaft material is 303 SS, but other materials are available at the request of the customer.

Grease and Shaft Seals

FDA Approved Grease – For applications in the food industry, gear drives can be packed with food-grade lubricant, meeting the requirements of FDA regulation section 121.2553, and carrying the USDA “AA” rating.

Shaft Seals – Bonded lip grease seals come standard on all of our units and are recommended for food and drug equipment.

Viton seals are available at the request of the customer. We can also double-up the seals in each bearing locknut when requested.