Find Right Angle Gearboxes Equivalent

MITRPAK Gearboxes and spiral bevel gears are designed to fit a variety of industrial needs. If you are currently using a gearbox from another manufacturer, MITRPAK can offer an alternative with the same specifications. 

Why make the switch to a MITRPAK Gearbox?

Our gearboxes:

  • Are reliable
  • Fit into tight spaces
  • Designed for difficult end-use environments
  • Can reduce noise and backlash
  • Optimized for product-specific applications (numerous sizes and ratings)

Our services and expertise allow for:

  • Customization and redesign
  • Application consulting and problem solving
  • Easy accessibility

MITRPAK offers rapid speed and responsiveness in:

  • Quoting
  • Fulfillment
  • Instant shipment on standard products
  • MRO emergencies