MITRPAK® Right Angle Gearboxes for Packaging Equipment

MITRPAK® right angle gearboxes are ideal for use in automated packaging equipment and conveyor systems. Spiral bevel gears tuned for minimal backlash enable MITRPAK® right angle gearboxes to run quietly. They provide reliable power transmission for some of the largest packaging industries in the US, including pharmaceutical tablet counting and filling, food and beverage packaging, capping, labeling and more.

Customize Your Gearbox to Suit Your Unique Application

automated packaging equipmentMITRPAK® spiral bevel gearboxes are easily customized to suit the unique needs of your application. There are many options to ensure each gearbox is tailored to your equipment including housing coatings, seals, and lubricants. The shaft length and diameter of the gears can also be customized as needed.

Whether you need to prioritize corrosion resistance with a hardcoat anodized aluminum housing or ensure consumer safety with food-grade lubricant—we can customize the right MITRPAK® for you. Multiple flanges and body mounting surfaces enable MITRPAK® gearboxes to fit into virtually any system. Modifications such as specialty materials or shaft extensions can be designed into any unit as needed.

Versatile Longevity and Smooth Operation

Each MITRPAK® unit use double-shielded, permanently greased ball bearings, hardened steel spiral bevel gears and aluminum alloy housings for maximum strength and thermal dissipation. Stainless steel shafts are standard. The unique spiral bevel gears inside each MITRPAK® are made using precision machining that minimizes backlash, thereby reducing excess noise during operation and extending the gearbox’s operating life expectancy.

MITRPAK® offers responsive expertise when producing right angle gearboxes and spiral bevel gear drives for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automated packaging industry. We have the capability to rapidly customize products, enabling us to deliver exactly what you need at the right time.

To find out more about what MITRPAK® right angle gearboxes can do for your automated packaging system, contact us today.

Right Angle Gearboxes