Precision Component Manufacturer of Critical Parts and Subassemblies

Lampin goes beyond precision to deliver manufacturing and assembly services that exceed customer expectations.

Leading Manufacturer of Precision Parts and Components

Lampin is a leading supplier of precision parts and components for major OEMs in the aerospace, telecommunications, robotics, defense, renewable energy, medical device, optical, and laser industries, and elsewhere. As a critical component expert, and one that always promises to be Beyond Precision, Lampin provides services that include value engineering, precision machining, assembly of subassemblies, laser marking, metal treatment, and finishing—individually or in combination—to quickly deliver precision parts.

Fast Delivery of Precision Parts and Components by Employee-Owners

Lampin is 100% employee-owned and boasts over 50 years of experience; the owner-operators at Lampin know their success relies on the success of their clients. They offer consistent and timely delivery of precision parts and subassembly services at extremely competitive pricing.

value engineering supports precision manufacturing

Value engineering services ensure that requirements are met while minimizing cost.

Value Engineering Before Machining Precision Parts and Components

Lampin’s time-tested expertise with value engineering and machining a wide variety of metals and plastics means that they excel at applying the correct, required machine operations with the most effective machining tools to achieve required tolerances at the lowest possible cost to their clients. Lampin begins with a value engineering review with the client’s engineering team to understand how the component will be used and why each specification was selected. This review determines how the components will work together, if the chosen materials are the best choices, if all specifications are necessary, and whether or not changes can be made to decrease the component cost and increase profitability of the client’s product.

Beyond Typical Machining, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, and Swiss Turning

Many providers of machining services have typical machine tools and (sometimes) a CNC or two for milling or turning. Some may have Swiss turning machines. Naturally, Lampin outclasses the competition by utilizing these traditional techniques in addition to some of the most advanced machining tools available. The owner-operator machinists at Lampin recently invested in a machine that is fully programmable and capable of utilizing up to 120 different machining tools during a single operation. Able to automatically feed materials and switch jobs, the machine can run dark, meaning it can operate without a machinist present, which significantly lowers production costs. Using this technology, Lampin can manufacture precision components and critical parts with incredible accuracy and tremendous efficiency.

Machining Metals and Plastics to Manufacture the Precision Parts You Need

Lampin’s expert machinists are experienced with all types of materials, including titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, tool steel, or engineered plastics with unique properties such as Delrin or nylon. Whether your precision parts are made of metals or plastic, Lampin can machine your parts to your required tolerances.

Based in MA—Serving Clients in New England and Beyond

component machining services from prototyping to full scale production

Lampin specializes in parts with critical tolerances from prototyping to full-scale production.

Based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, Lampin has created precision components, parts, and subassemblies for OEMs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and New York for years. Working with growth industries, Lampin is now known for aerospace component manufacturing, custom parts for laboratory instrumentation, custom robotics component manufacturing, and custom medical device components. Serving these industries has allowed Lampin to increase its service area beyond the northeast.

Precision Parts in Quantities from Prototypes to High-Volume Production

From prototypes and low-quantity jobs to high-volume production runs, Lampin has the capacity to provide your company with parts and components that are Beyond Precision. The experienced owner/operator machinists at Lampin use a broad range of high-tech machining tools. Lampin can perform multiple turning and milling operations in one seamless process; they can also efficiently apply more than a hundred different machining tools to a single part. Lampin manufactures some of the world’s most complex components using any machinable material.

Medical Device Components for Medical Device Manufacturers

When medical device OEMs require components with critical tolerances, they turn to Lampin. Lampin is a medical device component manufacturer. Medical device components manufactured by Lampin for OEMs include precision parts for endoscopy equipment, guides for medical lasers, gearing systems for radiation equipment, components for cardiac catheterization equipment, components for kidney dialysis, and more.

Lampin Provides Precision Parts and Components for OEMs

  • Laboratory instrumentation parts
  • Fiber optic components and assemblies
  • Computer-integrated optical equipment
  • Renewable energy parts
  • Robotics parts
  • Medical device parts
  • Defense parts
  • Aerospace components
  • Automotive parts
  • Boating and Marine parts
  • Automation components
  • Food processing components
  • Food packaging components
  • Architectural components
  • Parts for electronics
  • Semiconductor parts


As an OEM, What Precision Components and Subassemblies Do You Need?

As a precision component manufacturer producing critical-tolerance parts, Lampin manufactures all kinds of precision components. Some of the products built include: 3D print heads, legs for hexapods, custom end tips, lens holder components, custom timing pulleys, parts for robots, laser guiding equipment, high-precision gears for medical equipment, components for instrumentation and metrology, scientific freezing equipment, and more.

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