MITRPAK® Right Angle Gearboxes for Food Processing Equipment Applications

Food processing companies must handle a range of food materials traveling at variable speeds through extreme temperatures, liquid submersions, steam treatments, cutting techniques, and a multitude of other processing methods. In addition, equipment can produce potentially contaminating environmental factors, including excess dust, grime, chemicals, and grease. Equipment components must be able to withstand food processing methods and facility environments without experiencing detrimental wear-and-tear or corrosion, which could cause food contamination.

Customized MITRPAK® Right Angle Gearboxes Are Food-Safe and Wear Resistant

MITRPAK® right angle gearboxes for food processing systems will not contribute to food  contamination or equipment failure. Our right angle gearboxes are designed with spiral bevel gears inside a corrosion-resistant hard-coat anodized aluminum housing.

All standard MITRPAK® right angle gearboxes are guaranteed sealed and lubricated for life. They will not leak and do not need to be re-lubricated. The grease used in our standard spiral bevel gears is petroleum based, however, for applications in the food industry, the gearboxes can be packed with a food-grade lubricant that meets the requirements of FDA regulation section 121.2553, and carries the USDA “AA” rating.

Achieve Smooth, Sanitary, Long-Lasting Operation with MITRPAK®

Used in bottling facilities, chicken processing facilities, and many other food processes that require angled power transmission components while being sealed to the environment, MITRPAK® has become the go-to-standard for right angle gearboxes for food processing applications. These gearboxes have precision-machined spiral bevel gears with adjustable lock nuts so the units can be precisely adjusted by hand to better suit the application. This advantage extends the expected lifecycle of the MITRPAK® right angle gearbox while requiring less maintenance.

Fully submersible, corrosion-resistant and heat resistant, MITRPAK® gearboxes can be used in both liquid and heat processing applications. In addition, the strength and durability of the gearboxes means they can handle a range of potentially caustic cleaning methods such as high-pressure steam, chemical sprays, or hot pressure washing techniques.
Spiral bevel gearboxes are fully customizable for the specific application, as they come in a range of rotation configurations as well as sizes. Facilities can go with the standard bonded shaft seals and petroleum-based grease, or with food-grade grease (Vestan HT/AW clear #2), Viton seals, and double seals placed onto the bearing locknuts.

Increase Food Processing Capabilities

Meeting FDA regulations while providing a highly efficient production operation is the goal for every food processing facility. Check out the amazing benefits offered by the MITRPAK® right angle gearbox, as it can offer long-lasting operational use as well as increased food safety aspects.

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