Right Angle Gearbox Case Studies

Lampin MITRPAK Gearboxes Take to the Open Water

In manual pedal-power boats, Lampin MITRPAK right angle gearboxes are being used as a standard way to transfer power from the pedals to the propeller of the boat. Two right-angle gear drives are used in these boats to achieve the necessary right-angle turns. The first...

Response Keeps Production Online

MITRPAK received an urgent call at 1:00 p.m. from John Lebeau at Eastern Industrial Automation, a MITRPAK distributor. One of their customers’ production lines was down and they needed a replacement right angle gear drive immediately. The customer, a major supplier of...

Customer Dilemma Solved by MITRPAK Double Seal

A major manufacturer of chicken processing equipment had a competitive gearbox failing every two to three weeks. Standard, dimensionally-equivalent, off-the-shelf MITRPAK drives were bolted directly into place and lasted only three months. MITRPAK engineers weren't...

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MITRPAK Gearboxes

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Spiral Bevel Gear Drives or Right Angle Gearboxes