Testing and Measuring Equipment Component Machining

Lampin provides precision machining services for a wide variety of industries for which accuracy is essential. This accuracy is especially crucial for testing and measurement equipment manufacturers. For the best results, they choose Lampin for precision machining of their metrology equipment components. Metrology equipment components must be reliably manufactured to specification to ensure accurate measurements will be provided. Our experienced machinists are more than qualified to produce the high-quality measuring components that metrology OEMs require.

For Metrology Equipment, Precision Is Key

The testing and measurement industry covers a wide variety of applications, including strain gauge testing of materials, load monitoring, thermal stress analysis, residual stress analysis, and CTE testing. Metrology equipment is used in the production of adhesives, biomedical materials, glass, metals, tennis shoes, and more. This industry creates the equipment used in quality control centers in every manufacturing facility to ensure that the products produced meet ISO, ASTM, and other industry-related standards.

Ensure Consistent, Quality Results with Precision Machining

Different vendors are often used to manufacture various pieces within a single assembly. However, for testing and measuring equipment manufacturers, consistency must be maintained as an important element of the manufacturing process. When separate vendors produce the same or different parts, variations in tolerances can render the parts incompatible with each other. “Stacking tolerances”—or the aggregation of different tolerances—has become a common problem. However, for metrology equipment, every piece must be made to standard, which is why Lampin ensures that every testing and measurement component produced meets any and all of a client’s exacting standards.

Metrology Equipment: Accuracy from the Start

Lampin’s experienced machinists will work with your engineering team to determine the best possible manufacturing processes for your custom metrology equipment components. This ensures accurate, reliable results you can count on. Each piece is made to exact tolerance specifications and every component is identical; this ensures they fit within the assembly as expected. We are aware that the parts we produce fit into larger, complete units that must provide accurate measurement results. Our machinists will work with you to ensure that each component we produce will fit the end product.

For accurate, on-time results, Lampin is the best choice in precision machining for testing and measurement equipment components.

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