CNC Turning Services and CNC Swiss-Turned Machined Parts

CNC Swiss turning machines have the ability to produce small, high-precision components with repeatable speed and accuracy. Lampin produces precision parts for low-volume, high-mix orders with rapid turnaround, allowing you to keep your production schedule on track. We make doing business easy with quotes in 24 hours and CNC swiss-turned parts in two weeks!

Precision CNC for Multiple Industries

Lampin provides comprehensive turning services to produce precision components for medical device OEMs, metrology instrumentation, optical components, robotics, and more. Our advanced CNC turning machines have the capability to produce precision components from 0.020” to 6” in diameter and lengths of up to 36”. Tight tolerances are no problem—our machines have the capability to produce components with tolerance restrictions as tight as 0.0002” and our skilled machinists can hold this consistently.

cnc turning services

Lampin provides turning services to produce precision components for medical device OEMs, metrology instrumentation, optical components, robotics, & more.

Value-Added Services for CNC-Turned Parts

With our team of experienced machinists, value-added engineering is automatic. We are able to review initial part specifications and provide design feedback and material considerations to prevent potential manufacturability issues and ensure you get the best value for your components. Lampin is able to work with and source virtually any material your project specifies. Some of the most common materials we see include stainless steel, Inconel, and Delrin.

Post-Turning Services

Lampin also offers post-turning services of finished components, including:

  •  Anodizing
  •  Hardening
  •  Plating
  •  Laser etching

Finished components can be serially numbered, individually bagged, or assembled in kits. Special packaging is available upon request. Our team is also capable of building subassemblies when necessary.

Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective manufacturing solutions that will benefit your business. We will work with you to maintain inventory in a way that best suits your operation—Kanban, JIT, and blanket orders are easily accommodated.

Advanced CNC Turning Equipment and Capabilities

Lampin’s CNC lathes include Swiss type, conventional turret, and secondary operation machines. Our most advanced lathes are equipped with live tooling, which allows secondary operations such as slotting, cross-drilling, cross-tapping, and back drilling to be accomplished on one machine for efficient and cost-effective processing. Lampin’s machines are able to apply more than one hundred tools to a single part, giving us the ability to process complicated components with complex geometries and angles—including five-axis turning operations.

  • Tsugami TMU1 turn/mill (1 1/2”)
  • (2) Tsugami B0326 turn/mill (1 1/4”)
  • Tsugami M08J (2 3/8”)
  • (5) Citizen L20 CNC Swiss with hydrostatic barload (13/16″)
  • Okuma Multus U3000 turn/mill (3’)
  • Okuma LNC 8 CNC with hydrostatic barfeed (2″–1/2″)
  • Okuma L-370M CNC with hydrostatic barfeed and live tooling (1 5/8″)
  • Ganesh Cyclone-32 CS turn/mill (1 1/4″)
  • Hardinge Conquest CNC with hydro barfeed (2″)
  • Hardinge Conquest CNC
  • Hardinge GT27SP CNC super precision with hydro barfeed (1″ 1/16″)
  • Hardinge TALENT 6/45 CNC (6″)
  • Hardinge HLV Toolmaker’s Lathe
  • Hardinge DV59 Turret Lathe
  • HAAS O1-1 Office Lathe with live tooling
  • Harrison Alpha A330S CNC Toolmaker’s Lathe
  • Feeler FTS-27 Turret Lathe

Our machines can “run dark,” meaning they can operate without a machinist present. This significantly decreases delivery time and production costs by allowing us to process orders after normal business hours.


Trained CNC Machinists with Turning Expertise

cnc turning services

Each employee-owner is a trained machinist, able to create CNC software programs, perform complex set-ups and operate the machines.

Lampin’s unique manufacturing model centers the full responsibility for on-time manufacturing and customer acceptance level quality squarely on each and every machinist. Each employee-owner is a trained machinist, not just a machine operator. Each creates CNC software programs, performs complex set-ups and operates the machines to produce the customers’ products. Each machinist is fully capable and responsible for verifying the precision of parts produced with our quality-inspection equipment. Our process eliminates the chance for missteps and miscommunication because one machinist owns the full responsibility to complete each job.

CNC Component Quality Control

Lampin verifies the quality of each part with a series of inspections. We are able to inspect tolerances to 0.0001”. Our quality-control room includes:

  •  (4) TESA digital height gages
  •  Micro-Vu CMM
  •  Beta LaserMike laser micrometer
  •  Deltronic optical comparator
  •  Rockwell hardness tester
  •  Profilometer (surface roughness tester)