Custom End Tips Manufacturer

custom-end-tips-manufacturerCommonly referred to as light guides, adapters, connectors, and fittings, end tips are precision-machined components used with fiber-optic cable systems. Lampin Corporation is a custom end tips manufacturer offering an extensive line of fiber-optic end tips, including both standard and custom configurations that can be delivered in short lead times.

Lampin’s precision machined end tips surpass the competition in both quality and performance. All of our end tips are custom-machined in the United States, using state of the art CNC machines, and can be manufactured up to 6’’ in diameter or as small as .020” in diameter, in any desired machinable material.

Industrial End Tips     Medical End Tips

Typically machined from aluminum and stainless steel, Lampin end tips are non-corrosive. They can be made for use with both glass and plastic fiber cables, and can be manufactured to be immune to the effects of vibration, electrical interferences, extreme heat, and damp conditions. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of medical, optical and industrial applications, including automotive, material handling, food processing, and workpiece detection.

With minimally-invasive surgical (MIS) techniques becoming more prevalent every day, fiber-optic illumination techniques have become a critical element in assisting physicians perform surgical procedures. Lampin’s fiber-optic cable end tips help doctors see inside the human body and perform precision operations that require little – if any – margin for error. With lives potentially at stake, Lampin recognizes the importance of providing custom end tips that meet the exacting standards of the medical field.

End tips are also needed in the analytical industry for various applications such as molecular imaging, colorimetry, DNA/RNA sequencing, and laser alignment probes. Among many other applications, Lampin has manufactured custom end tips for surgical headlamps, cosmetic laser surgery equipment, and lighting systems.

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