Custom Timing Pulleys

With the in-house engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise to produce custom, high-precision timing pulleys of any size, customized to suit any application. Lampin Corporation provides quality, competitively-priced timing belt pulleys in a variety of styles and sizes.

We manufacture our quality timing pulleys from scratch right here in the USA, ensuring our valued customers always have the pulleys they need, when they need them, at a truly competitive price. It is often better, faster and less expensive for you to have us make exactly what you need than it is for you to buy a unit off the shelf and then make the required modifications.

Our pulleys are available in a wide variety of materials including steel, aluminum and plastic, and are custom-made to order.

All Lampin pulleys offer positive, non-slip drive, provide non-lubricated/clean operation, have a long life, are quiet, and have low maintenance requirements. All have minimum tooth-to-groove clearance (backlash) and are designed so that the teeth of the belt enter and leave the grooves with negligible friction.

Should you require a single pulley or a bulk order, in any standard or non-standard size, with any number of teeth, flanged or not, constructed of a specific material, or in any other configuration necessary to suit your needs, just let us know.

What is a timing pulley?
Timing pulleys have evenly spaced axial grooves cut in their periphery to make correct, positive engagement with the mating teeth of a timing belt in synchronous drives. They are used in power transmission systems where maintenance of speed ratio is an important design consideration. Synchronous belt drive systems are durable, highly efficient and suitable for many different applications.