Medical Machining

Surgical Equipment Components

Lampin manufactures components and parts used in surgical equipment that make surgery more efficient, reduce trauma and innovate techniques.

Lampin parts and components are used in surgical equipment throughout the entire surgical facility from the operating room to pre- and post-op areas.

From monitors to sterilizers to fluoroscopes and more, Lampin has the precision component manufacturing knowledge to produce reliable parts for the surgical equipment industry.

Case Study

Read how one surgical equipment leader looked to Lampin to solve their precision manufacturing challenge.

Medical Device Components

The medical device industry poses a challenge to manufacturers. To maintain a sterile environment, pieces of the machinery must be able to be disposed after use on a patient. Lampin works with medical device manufacturers on reliable and precise medical equipment components that are cost-effective enough to be disposed after patient use.

To meet the needs of the medical disposables device industry, Lampin can manufacture components in a variety of materials, even machining plastics to provide the right fit for the equipment, the doctor and the patient. Lampin precision components can be designed withstand challenging environments and are FDA compliant.

Lampin can manufacture specialty components for:

  • Catheters
  • Endoscopes

Case Study

Read how Lampin worked with a leading medical device manufacturer to incorporate reliable and safe disposables