John Biagioni Named President of Lampin Corporation


The Massachusetts-based precision component manufacturer has appointed Biagioni, an innovative manufacturing expert, to the key leadership position following the retirement of former Lampin president Robin LeClaire.


Lampin president John Biagioni

Lampin president John Biagioni

UXBRIDGE, Mass. (PRWEB) January 13, 2022 — Lampin Corporation is pleased to announce that John Biagioni has been appointed as the company’s new president following the retirement of Robin LeClaire. Throughout her career, Ms. LeClaire established an impressive legacy as a well-respected voice in the local manufacturing community under whose leadership Lampin was heralded as an example of ideal business continuity practices in the face of an unanticipated global crisis.

Most recently serving almost a decade as president at Dynisco, Mr. Biagioni brings a wealth of manufacturing and leadership experience to the company. He began his career as a machinist, and he has held numerous positions at other companies in the manufacturing sector with significant expertise in procurement and management. The diverse range of manufacturing, operations, and leadership functions Mr. Biagioni has held give him a unique perspective with a sharp focus on problem-solving. Mr. Biagioni is also an expert in the analysis and design of IoT-driven smart systems that can improve the efficiency of business processes to deliver additional layers of value for customers.

Mr. Biagioni explained the motivation to bring his technology-forward, employee-centric approach to Lampin, saying, “It’s a small organization with extraordinary potential to grow. Coming from a public corporation, I always believed in equity, but the fact is that equity isn’t given to everyone. I would rather be in an ESOP, where all employees get to benefit. Employees create wealth in their own retirement account by helping the company grow and succeed. Coming to Lampin was, for me, an opportunity to grow the company, apply my training and experience to improve long-term outcomes for employees, and continue to produce MITRPAK and the highly-engineered precision components upon which Lampin has built its reputation.”

Mr. Biagioni earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Rhode Island and a Master’s degree in Operations and Information Technology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Mr. Biagioni also served as Board Advisor for WPI’s CEDAR (Circular Economy and Data Analytics Engineering Research for Sustainability), is a published authority on operational strategy, and holds four patents in Sensor and Rheological Instruments.