An OEM who specializes in the production and installation of strain gauges came to Lampin for help with their production process. The customer had initially been sourcing parts from overseas to meet production costs, however, the tolerances and finishes on the parts were not up to specifications. The client needed help fixing the issue from a local company that could provide a higher level of quality with shorter lead times. 

Lampin Helps OEMs Save Time and Money

Lampin provided the client with machining services to fulfill the order as well as machining to correct the flawed parts they had received from overseas. To further decrease the expected lead time for the delivery of the parts, our team offered the client access to our precision assembly services. Lampin provides OEMs with electro-mechanical, critical component and custom gearbox assembly services to help eliminate the need for multiple purchase orders, material receipts and quality checks. Our team is able to source components from trusted vendors, provide engineering expertise, and respond quickly to evolving demands. 

We collaborated with the client’s engineering team to determine the most efficient strategy. Our newest machines are capable of performing multiple machining operations in a single, efficient process, which allowed us to complete the work as quickly as possible. Lampin was able to reduce the client’s manufacturing costs and lead times, enabling them to meet their production schedule despite the delay from defunct parts. 

If you are in need of high-quality precision machining and assembly services from a manufacturer you can trust to maintain efficient communication and deliver on-time, contact the experts at Lampin, Co. today.