Since its inception, Lampin has been dedicated to machining precision components for advanced industrial equipment and has proudly served customers ranging from military and defense to agricultural OEMs to packaging line producers.

Recently, a customer producing wire and cable manufacturing equipment reached out to our sales team with a new request. The company had relied on Lampin for component manufacturing and wanted to expand the scope of engagement to produce a complete wire straightener assembly. An additional vendor had made this assembly in the past. When that organization was no longer available to provide those services, they identified an opportunity to tighten up their supply chain by transferring assembly operations to Lampin.

Building a Wire Straightener Assembly From the Ground Up

The assembly functions to straighten coiled wire as it enters a production machine, enabling accurate cutting, crimping, and other wire processing operations. At Lampin, we’d had experience with similar processes and components in the past, so our manufacturing and assembly department was well-prepared to produce a wire straightener assembly that would exceed the customer’s expectations.

Close detail of wire straightener assemblies on a cart following machining and assembly operations.This part would require several manufacturing steps to achieve the desired outcome: turning, milling, plating, and mechanical assembly operations. Nickel plating was applied to the rollers for improved wear resistance and corrosion protection, while the remaining components were black anodized for corrosion protection and visual distinction. Based on our previous engagement, the customer was confident in our skills and expertise. As a critical component in industrial manufacturing equipment, this assembly’s key characteristics were accuracy, uniformity, and durability.

The customer provided a sample and our engineers confirmed that the operating environment would not demand any special considerations. They also worked with the customer to understand the fit and functionality of the assembly and helped the customer work through minor changes before production resumed.

Lampin: Your Trusted Component Manufacturer and Partner

While a complete assembly was a new aspect of our relationship with this customer, we were able to turn this job around in just eight weeks. As a critical component of their core product line, the customer was thrilled to find a reliable vendor that could machine the various parts required and execute mechanical assembly with the care and attention to detail Lampin is known for.

At Lampin, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ access to the products and services they need in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. We act as a true partner in your precision component machining needs in every sense of the term, and we’re honored for the opportunity to help you as we’ve helped so many others throughout our history.

If you have any additional questions about our precision machining capabilities or would like to discuss your own needs with our engineers in detail, contact us today to request a quote.