Lampin provides machining services to produce precision components for advanced equipment in a wide variety of industries. Recently, a customer specializing in the production of large, integrated AC and HVAC systems approached us with a job. They required precision machining services for stainless steel shafts designed to turn the fans in their new air exchange equipment design. 

High-Quality Shafts Ensure Long Operating Life for AC Fans

CNC turning stainless steel shaftsThe customer produces large AC and HVAC units designed to operate in office buildings, industrial warehouses, skyscrapers, and more. For this particular project, they were seeking precision machining services for stainless steel shafts that would be installed in their new line of air exchange equipment. The units are designed to exchange heat with 74% efficiency while also improving air quality.

Lampin was tasked with producing the stainless steel shafts that turn the fans in the machinery. The shafts are vital to the operation of the equipment as they allow the fans to be mounted and operated. The shafts were made of high-quality stainless steel for its high resistance to heat, wear, and corrosion.    

CNC Turning Services For Shaft Components

Completing this project would require a series of CNC Turning operations. A tight tolerance of .0005” total on all turned diameters needed to be maintained. Lampin’s array of equipment includes advanced CNC Turning machines with the capability to produce precision components from 0.020” to 6” in diameter and lengths of up to 36”. Our machines can apply more than one hundred tools to a single part, giving us the ability to produce complex geometries and angles. 

Our team of expert machinists was able to complete the order well within the customer’s production timeline and they were very satisfied with the results. For more information about CNC Turning services, contact the experts at Lampin, today