CNC Machining

Lampin Corporation runs a 22,000 square foot state-of-the-artCNC Machining precision machining facility. Specializing in turning, milling, hobbing, laser marking and other services,  Lampin is truly Beyond Precision.

CNC Machining (Computer numerical control) uses programs that command a machine to create a part in different ways. The machines are programmed to cut away at a workpiece until the desired shape is achieved. Lampin Corporation has highly experienced CNC machining experts who are capable of everything from designing the program to operating the machine. CNC machining is necessary when you need a tight tolerance in almost any material.


Turning is a precision machining practice in which the part is rotated while the cutting tool remains stationary.  Turning is performed using a lathe, a machine tool that specializes in rotating parts while they are being cut.

Milling uses rotary motion to machine a part. In  a milling operation the milling cutter spins around an axis while the product is sent through the machine to be cut. The speed at which the product is sent through the milling machine is called the feed rate, and the different feed rates will effect the finished product.

Hobbing is the machining process for making gears as well as other similar parts. A cutting tool called a hob cuts into a workpiece and creates teeth or splines. Lampin Corporation focuses on precise hobbing that can meet even the most intense specifications.