Medical End Tips

medical end tip

Medical End Tip

Lampin produces high quality end tips and turrets to fit the needs of medical professionals in a variety of settings. End tips serve as a critical component of fiber optic lighting systems, including surgical headlamps. The end tips guide and direct the high-powered lighting used in modern medical procedures. Combined with Lampin’s adaptable turret system they create a safe and reliable lighting system that minimizes light leakage while providing consistent illumination that can be adjusted to fit the preference of the user.

Lampin creates male end tips for all four major fiber optic headset producers: Storz, Olympus, ACMI and Wolf. The turret component features compatible connections for each type and an adjustable light masking system, allowing the user complete control over the lighting system with minimal effort.

medical end tips

Turret Component

Lampin can work with clients to produce end tips to match custom design specifications, produce samples and work with designers to improve smoothness and ease of use. Every feature is considered with meticulous attention to detail, from the look and feel of a product down to the ease of motion and sound of any moving parts.

In surgical situations precision can be crucial, and no one understands precision better than Lampin. Contact us today to discover how you will benefit from the outstanding service and high-quality production Lampin offers.