Aluminum Timing Pulleys

When designing any pulley, you want one that is reliable, has a long operational life expectancy, and is cost-effective to produce and use. However, with multiple choices – including aluminum, plastic, and steel – available for a construction medium, choosing the wrong material from which to manufacture your timing belt pulley can have quite dramatic repercussions. As anyone who has experienced one can attest, there is never a convenient time for catastrophic failure.

There are several reasons to specify aluminum as the construction material for your timing pulleys. When compared to other materials, aluminum typically has an extended lifespan, demonstrates excellent wear, and is considered to be very durable mechanically. Aluminum is ideal for use in high-power drive systems, with its light weight offering increased inertia control and improved positional accuracy. When temperature is a consideration, aluminum is often preferred because of its thermal conductivity.

Aluminum may exhibit some oxidation issues when left untreated. If this is a concern, aluminum timing pulleys may be treated with chemical films (chromate) or anodizing. Lampin Corporation manufactures timing pulleys in a variety of custom or standard sizes. All provide superior performance and economic design, requiring only a minimal amount of belt tension to prevent slippage. We offer pulleys with single or double row radial bearings pressed into the hubs. Pulleys can also be supplied with single or double flanges and in a wide variety of tooth profiles. In addition to offering standard timing pulleys, we can modify a standard timing pulley or create a completely custom design for your unique application.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High tensile strength