Synchronous high-speed needles are used in the production of the quilted fabric that covers mattresses. The manufacturer of this quilting machinery mounts the needles on an eccentric drive. Because the material is so wide, three gear drives are mounted in tandem to span the fabric. Tight, consistent stitches can only be made when the drives run smoothly with minimum backlash.

MITRPAK spiral bevel gear drives were selected because of their ability to control backlash at assembly with their unique locknut design. Spiral gears are smoother and quieter than standard bevels. The MITRPAK leak-resistant design allows for mounting of the gear drive directly above the fabric without fear of product contamination.

Originally the manufacturer purchased standard drives and shortened the input shaft before installation to accommodate design space. Today MITRPAK supplies the units with a special input shaft so they can be bolted directly into place, which saves time and money.