MITRPAK received an urgent call at 1:00 p.m. from John Lebeau at Eastern Industrial Automation, a MITRPAK distributor. One of their customers’ production lines was down and they needed a replacement right angle gear drive immediately. The customer, a major supplier of corrugated material, simply could not afford to wait weeks for a replacement drive from the original supplier.

We compared all the technical information with our Competing Drive Chart and came up with a replacement drive that would be ready for pick-up within an hour. John personally drove to our facility and delivered the replacement directly to the customer’s plant. The machine was up and running the same afternoon.

A few weeks later a MITRPAK Product Manager visited the customer. He found a happy maintenance manager, a production line running at full speed, and a commitment by the customer to stock MITRPAK replacement parts.

MITRPAK’s standard line of right angle gear drives includes replacement models for many of our competitors. Most are available from stock and can be shipped the same day.