By Bill DiBenedetto,  President

Lampin Team

The employee/owners at Lampin MITRPAK are empowered to complete your order quickly and efficiently.

When employees are also owners of a company, they take on heightened responsibility for their work and dedication to their jobs. At Lampin, it was that natural culture of ownership that prompted the owner at the time to create an opportunity for those who had helped grow the business share in its success.

Former Lampin owner, Scott Rossiter, noticed that Lampin employees took ownership of their duties, the parts they produced and the machines they ran. No matter the job responsibility, Lampin employees provided the most complete and highest quality possible within their piece of a customer order. They viewed their colleagues as internal customers and felt an obligation to do the best job possible for the next person down the line.

Since they were already acting as owners, Rossiter created an Employee-Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2001 and sold his remaining shares in 2006, to make the company 100% employee-owned. Lampin is among a few 100% employee-owned manufacturing companies in the U.S.

For Lampin, the ESOP model embodies dedication and a sense of empowerment because our employee/owners have a stake in the outcome. They take great pride in engineering and manufacturing and supply chain management of precision-machined components .

What is the benefit to Lampin customers?

Lampin’s client engagement process is designed to deliver world class service to each and every customer all of the time. Whether you are requesting a quote, placing an order, or calling for any reason, you are greeted with a real sense of priority. Your needs will be met with a commitment and that will become our driving force for complete coordination. The result will be on-time deliveries and top quality products all of the time. It is a proven process!

Being employee-owned is a competitive advantage for Lampin because each and every employee knows our success depends on our customers’ success. That understanding is demonstrated in our employees being willing to go beyond their area of responsibility to do what is best to complete the order. Everyone here is vested in the success of the firm.

Lampin’s employee/ownership means responsibility to fellow employees, our customers and suppliers. Our employee-owners give 100% to everything they do because they own the company. Experience the Lampin difference and contact us today.