In most cases, a component (metal or non-metal) can be machined various ways and deliver the same form, fit and precise tolerance. Lampin Engineers have the talent and ability to optimize that process for your parts to ensure that you get the best value. As a Lampin Client, you are assured that our Engineering Staff will recommend any changes in materials, process steps and/or finishes to achieve your desired results consistently. This is what we mean when we say, “BEYOND PRECISION”.

For example, Lampin engineers recently received a request for gear drives made with 304 stainless steel housings and stainless steel shafts used in machinery for food processing. The parts had to meet certain FDA requirements for use in a food environment and would be exposed to high temperatures as well as heavy caustic washes including peroxides, caustics, nitric, acetic acids, and chlorinated agents.

Lampin engineers determined that a 303 stainless steel shaft would be half the cost of a 304 stainless steel shaft while still retaining the same functionality. Lampin had manufactured parts for customers with identical needs so they had evidence that 303 shafts would be an effective substitute for 304 shafts.

The client also requested stainless steel housings for the gear drive to avoid problems their competitors face. Competitors used plain carbon steel for housings which is prone to rusting. Based on experience, Lampin engineers determined that coated aluminum housings would better meet the FDA requirements rather than stainless steel housings, while controlling cost.

A slight modification in material choice from a 304 shaft to a 303 shaft and from a stainless steel housing to a coated aluminium housing can save our new client from spending excess money while fulfilling their production needs. The net effect is lower cost of production for the new machine, netting a lower price or netting more profit.

Lampin engineers add value to their engineering by determining the most cost-effective and efficient way to produce a component that requires machining. How can Lampin engineers help you?