Lampin Corporation works with clients in all types of industries, now including art and retail. Working with Artform, a design-centric company, Lampin helped to create a rotating oversized Willy Wonka-esque lollipop sculpture.

Artform, which is responsible for the creation of the sculpture, is based in Oklahoma City. The client contacted Lampin specifically for the company’s MITRPAK gearbox. The sculpture uses the right-angle gearbox as a driving component in the sculpture’s rotation.


Artform project manager, Ben Ramsey, says that the company could not happier with the result. “This has been heralded by the entire staff here at Artform as one of our most complicated and most successful projects.”

A candy store will use the lollipop sculpture as the focal point of their retail space. Lampin Corporation is excited to see their MITRPAK gearboxes being used in such a diverse and creative way.