MITRPAK-Paddleboat-TransmissionIn manual pedal-power boats, Lampin MITRPAK right angle gearboxes are being used as a standard way to transfer power from the pedals to the propeller of the boat. Two right-angle gear drives are used in these boats to achieve the necessary right-angle turns.

The first drive, a “T” gearbox, sits atop the drive shaft and serves to convert the horizontal rotation of the pedals into the vertical rotation of a shaft that leads down into the water. The second drive is an “L” gearbox that converts the vertical rotation back into a horizontal orientation to power the propeller of the boat.

For some time now, MITRPAK gearboxes have been extremely popular with boat builders. They were, in fact, integral components of Canadian adventurer Greg Kolodziejzyk’s remarkable open ocean pedal boat, the WiTHin, which was intended to become the first human-powered vessel to cross the ocean. His expedition, dubbed the Pedal the Ocean project, was meant to become a testament to human achievement, demonstrating just how far one could travel without the use of fossil fuels or other energy sources.

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