Portrayed above is just one of the environments where Magnatech equipment is used; a pipeline project in Lebanon. Welding heads are under the tent on the pipeline and power supplies are under the tent with Magnatech on it.

Magnatech, Lampin’s newest customer, manufacturers orbital welding equipment for the global oil & gas, pharmaceutical, and dairy industries. With domestic headquarters in East Granby, Connecticut, Magnatech is a 50-year old company currently experiencing rapid growth. Because of this, they are expanding their vendor base and recently decided to incorporate Lampin-machined parts into their orbital tube and pipe welding applications.

Most of Magnatech’s business is done overseas in petroleum producing regions. As a result, Lampin’s precision-machined components will soon be used in, among countless other locations, oil fields and delivery pipeline systems in countries across the Middle East.

Another critically important application – and Lampin’s precision machining is making it all possible.