Lampin Part of the Week

You’d be surprised at the huge number and variety of machinable parts that are needed to produce the things we rely on everyday. Can you see what this part is used for? Scroll over the pic to gain some clarity!


This is a lens grinding spindle! We’ve produced and assembled these spindles at Lampin for over 20 years for a lens grinding equipment manufacturer. This is a major component of the machines that shape eyeglass lenses and refine the prescription. The spindle turns a grinding wheel which grinds the glass lenses to a perfect fit and prescription for the frames of your choice! This process used to be done by hand but, thanks to advancements in automated machinery, the lens grinding apparatus is able to digitally store the dimensions of any set of frames, and use these digital coordinates to precisely shape the glass lenses to fit. With a part like this grinding spindle, precision is key– if the spindle didn’t turn correctly every time, your glasses could end up a dizzying mess!