MITRPAK right angle gear boxOver 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci—the original “Renaissance Man”—began using simple machines and mechanical elements to sketch out ideas for innovative inventions. These concepts were so forward-thinking that they would not be engineered for centuries. Some of his earliest designs were the parachute, helicopter, military tank, and even a diving suit that would inspire our modern-day SCUBA gear. His sketches featured intricate details that showed a deep understanding of complex mechanical design, and his inventions used pulley systems, wedges, and even bevel gears to make the machines work.

Building on the Groundwork of Timeless Inventions

Fast forward to the modern age and we begin to wonder how a man of that era could envision so many progressive ideas. Da Vinci’s great achievement was no single design, but rather the ambition and inspiration to dream of flight when the primary mode of transportation was your own two feet—or a horse, if you were lucky. Da Vinci himself based many of his most forward-thinking designs on revolutionary uses for right angle gears and distant predecessors of the in the guiness book of world records

Greg Kolodziejzyk can also be described as a Renaissance man. Combining his passion for adventure and design, he has been making a name for himself competing in human-powered races on land, in the air, and on the water. In 2008, he set a world record for the most distance traveled in a 24-hour period in a pedal-powered boat of his own design, the Critical Power 2. 

Maximum Results with the MITRPAK Right Angle Gearbox

The CP2 is Kolodziejzk’s vessel, crafted from a state-of-the-art carbon fiber body and featuring a MITRPAK right-angle gearbox. The MITRPAK gearbox was used in the design of the foot-powered propulsion system that allowed Greg to both propel and navigate the vessel throughout the duration of his race. This is not the only watercraft Greg has produced utilizing the power and versatility of a MITRPAK. His boat, the Special K, also uses the MITRPAK in its propulsion system. What makes the Special K different from the CP2 is that it is engineered for open-ocean use, while the CP2 is intended for lakes. The MITRPAK helped move Greg Kolodziejzk 152.33 miles in a 24-hour period to earn the world record.

What will you move with MITRPAK?

paddle boat using MITRPAK gearbox