Lampin Part of the WeekThese may look like simple metal tubes, but they serve a very important purpose in the medical industry. Can you guess what they are? Scroll over the image and read on after the photo to find out more.

This is a collection of cosmetic laser lens barrel slider attachments! Lens barrel sliders are used in cosmetic laser surgery equipment. They hold the lenses which are used to direct and control the medical laser. These lens barrel sliders are machined completely on Lampin’s high quality Swiss Lathe machine. They are made of aluminum and are sent to a separate location to be anodized, painted, and laser etched. Lampin understands that for quality medical devices, precision is key. The lens barrel sliders shown here are a custom component and must be produced to exact specifications or there is a potential for serious injury to doctors and patients. All critical components manufactured at Lampin are controlled within a 0.001″ tolerance.