Outstanding Results From Direct Mail Samples for MITRPAK

UXBRIDGE, MA, September 29, 2015 — Lampin Corporation, an employee owned manufacturer of precision components in Massachusetts, recently began making samples of their MITRPAK right angle gearbox available to OEMs and other potential users who would benefit from the reliable, smooth operation of MITRPAK right angle gearboxes.

“Lampin produces MITRPAK right angle gearboxes for a wide variety of end users, and we’ve seen great success in the quality, durability, and longevity of the gearboxes we produce,” remarked Lampin CEO Bill DiBenedetto. “We wanted to extend that quality to new customers who would benefit from using MITRPAK, and the response has been very positive.”

Lampin received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from those who had received samples, with response rates more than triple the national average to similar campaigns. As a result, Lampin will be undertaking a new campaign to distribute samples of additional products. Interested parties are encouraged to visit lampin.com to request samples of gears, pulleys, or right angle gearboxes.

Lampin manufactures MITRPAK gearboxes in corrosion-resistant aluminum for durable, powerful operation. Custom coatings such as hard coat anodizing, electroless nickel plating, and chromate conversion coating are available. Lampin can manufacture and deliver MITRPAK right angle gearboxes in a variety of sizes to suit every application.  Common applications include food service and preparation machinery, textiles, and low-effort steering adaptations.

About Lampin Corporation

Lampin Corporation, an ITAR-compliant and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, delivers critical component manufacturing expertise that goes beyond precision. Located in the historic Blackstone River Valley, birthplace of the industrial revolution, Lampin is a 100% employee-owned company. Lampin’s value engineering approach ensures that design, materials and process combine to provide the best value in the industry. Lampin also manufactures MITRPAK, the right angle gearbox and spiral bevel gear drive preferred by OEM and MRO customers desiring reduced risk, lower inventory, and improved asset availability. Learn more about Lampin and MITRPAK and sign up for the e-newsletter at www.Lampin.com.