The Big Bore machine is finally here! At Lampin, we continue to expand our impressive machining capabilities with the addition of an Okuma Multus U3000 boring and milling machine. This larger-than-life behemoth will help Lampin take on new and exciting machining challenges with a larger maximum material diameter from start to finish, up to 80 available tool options, and an efficient, one-step operational process.

The “Big Bore” Brings New Machining Opportunities

The Okuma Multus U3000 is a massive multitasker with an automatic tool changer, optional lower turret, and sub-spindle. It is capable of performing multiple complex operations in one setup and has a broad range of machining functions, which allows us at Lampin to increase the size, scope, and speed of our jobs. We’re looking forward to putting its 12,000 rpm H1-milling spindle with dual functions to the test!

Prep and Installation for a Big Machine with Big Capabilities

Due to the size of the Okuma Multus U3000, we’ve spent the last few months carefully planning its installation. We actually had to dig out and reinforce our machine-room floor to withstand the weight of this big boring and milling machine. Once installation time finally came around, a crane and a full crew were needed to help put this exceptional machine in place.

Precision Boring and Milling Operations in One Operation

Lampin is committed to bringing our customers the most efficient and reliable machining technology available on today’s market. With the Okuma Multus U3000 added to our roster of turning and milling machines, Lampin will be able to take on bigger jobs than ever before. The bigger bore size means we can manufacture and machine larger, more complex parts. The U3000 allows us to finish a part on one machine, freeing other machines and effectively maximizing production rates for even faster turnaround times!