A producer of consumer electronics for the audio industry recently contacted Lampin for help producing a new component. The componenta small drive pulleyhad been previously made by other machining facilities but repeatedly failed to meet the necessary tolerances. As a result, the devices were not performing to specification.

Precision Makes the Difference for Audio Components

precision components manufactured fast

The Delrin drive pulley had a hole at the bottom which needed to be perfectly straight.

For analog audio devices, a small defect can lead to a number of errors that will affect the sound quality of the device. In this case, there was a hole in the bottom of the drive pulleys that was not as perfectly straight as it needed to be. The previous batch of audio components had been made with crooked holes, which negatively affected the amount of wow and flutter. Too much wow and flutter can distort the clarity of sound. These distortions in sound are a major problem for manufacturers in the music industry and the customer needed a reliable solution to correct them.

Components Made to Your Specifications When You Need Them

To make up for the production delay, the customer needed a large order of drive pulleys in less than three weeks. Lampin was there to deliver. The pulleys were made of Delrin and required two machining operations in addition to the drilling of the small holes. A tight tolerance of 0.001” was held on the surface diameter of the pulley to assure smooth operation.

High-Speed Performance Attuned to Your Needs

Lampin was able to meet the tight tolerances—and the tight deadline—for this customer so that manufacturing could move forward without delay. In fact, we were able to ship the completed parts in just two weeks! The customer was so thrilled with the first fifty units that they followed up with an order for 500 more.

Do you have a challenging part that needs to be machined fast? At Lampin, we will work with you to meet your needs and deliver on time. Call or request a quote today!