UXBRIDGE, MA, March 1, 2016Lampin Corporation, the employee-owned manufacturer of precision parts and components, is expanding their business with the acquisition of Howard Precision Products (formerly the E. Howard Clock Company). Like Lampin, Howard Precision Products began as a producer of precision clock gears before evolving to become a provider of precision components for multiple industries.

“This kind of growth will reinforce our expanding market position,” said Lampin president, Bill DiBenedetto. “The firm’s success allows us to invest capital in state-of-the-art CNC equipment and related skills training. Lampin is a strong presence in the precision machining industry in the Northeast region. This new alignment with Howard will enhance and expand our presence geographically and provide a broader base to capitalize on our technology investments”

Howard Precision Products combines a rich history of manufacturing extremely precise components, such as gears, with modern, cutting-edge capabilities and techniques. They primarily serve the medical, dental, and automation industries. Over the last twenty years, Lampin and Howard Precision Products have enjoyed a very successful business relationship.

With the finalization of the acquisition, production will move from its current location in Framingham to Lampin’s state-of-the-art facility in Uxbridge, MA. All Howard employees have been offered positions at Lampin for continued employment. Lampin is striving to preserve the accumulated knowledge and experience of these longtime precision machinists.

About Lampin Corporation

Lampin Corporation, an ITAR-compliant and ISO 9001:2008certified company, delivers critical component manufacturing expertise that goes beyond precision. Located in the historic Blackstone River Valley, birthplace of the industrial revolution, Lampin is a 100%-employee-owned company. Lampin’s value engineering approach ensures that design, materials, and process combine to provide the best value in the industry. Lampin also manufactures MITRPAK, the right angle gearbox and spiral bevel gear drive preferred by OEM and MRO customers desiring reduced risk, lower inventory, and improved asset availability. Learn more about Lampin and MITRPAK and sign up for the e-Newsletter at www.lampin.com.