Right angle gears provide crucial motion control for power generation, packaging, food processing, textile production, and more. While standard gears are sometimes sufficient, many applications present challenging conditions that require specialized equipment. It is essential that you understand the specific conditions of your application so you can obtain and implement the appropriate equipment.

Which Environments Present a Challenge to Ordinary Right Angle Gears?

In order to determine whether or not your gears are adequate, you must first determine if your application introduces any unique sources of damage or contamination. These may include:

  • Caustic Liquids – In poultry-processing plants and other locations where sanitation is paramount, gears frequently make contact with caustic cleaning fluids. This will corrode ordinary gears over time, damaging the equipment and contaminating products processed in the facility. To prevent these costly and dangerous consequences, you must use corrosion-resistant gears. Some manufacturers opt for stainless steel gears while others rely on equipment coated with aluminum oxide or nickel plating. You may also be able to powder coat the gears, which provides durable, long-lasting protection for gears.
  • Lubricants – Ordinary gear lubricants are not suitable for food processing facilities, as they expose the food to harmful chemicals. It is therefore necessary to obtain food-grade lubricants for these facilities. Gears that turn at high speeds also have unique lubrication needs, as the high rate of friction can vaporize some of the grease and contaminate nearby clean rooms. While there are a few types of lubricants that do not present a risk when vaporized, many manufacturers will instead opt for gears with lubricating dry coatings.
  • Nuclear Regulations – Nuclear facilities subject their equipment to regulatory tests that put enormous pressure on gears. Only gears made out of stainless steel are able to operate in these environments.
  • High Contamination Levels – Although drive seals are sufficient to contain most contamination, some situations have such a high risk level that they require you to seal the bearings as well.

Choosing the proper right angle gear requires a detailed understanding of the temperatures, pressures, and sources of corrosion and contamination to which your equipment will be exposed. If your gears and their lubricants are not designed for these conditions, you cannot operate them safely.

The MITRPAK Difference

With MITRPAK, Lampin anticipates all of the environments in which right angle gears are used and can provide the devices necessary for any possible challenge. We offer a variety of specialized gears, coatings, and supporting equipment, including:

  • 17-4 PH Gears – Designed for use in nuclear facilities, these stainless steel gears can resist even the highest levels of pressure and corrosion.
  • Aluminum Housing – Given its resistance to corrosion, aluminum is well suited to poultry-processing plants and other facilities washed with caustic liquids. This material also provides a solid base on which to add other protective treatments.
  • Viton Shaft Seals – Designed to resist extreme temperatures, high pressure, and contamination, these seals are ideal for a range of difficult environments. At your request, we can double the seal to further reinforce against difficult conditions.
  • Hard Anodization – This process provides a protective layer on gears, drives, and other components, allowing them to resist corrosion.
  • Chromate Coating – Like hard anodization, this coating prevents wear and corrosion. It also allows for easy application of paint.
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating – Avoiding the use of solvents, this method provides both a professional appearance and enduring protection to gears for food processing equipment.
  • Specialized Lubricants – MITRPAK offers both food-grade and clean roomgrade lubricants, minimizing the risk from grease exposure.

For more information on obtaining right angle gears for challenging environments, contact Lampin today. Our courteous engineering staff is waiting to serve you .