Different mechanical applications require different right angle gear drives. It is vital to understand what you are looking for when determining how to choose the correct drive. When selecting a right angle gear drive, consider the power and torque to be transmitted but also the environmental and operational conditions under which the gearbox will be used. Look for vendors who are willing to discuss your precise application and able to offer options in terms of sizes and ratings; all options should deliver high performance and optimized drive service life within the parameters of your job.

The Wrong Size Can Negatively Impact Drive Life and Incur Costly Repairs

Right angle gearbox drives must be sized correctly in order to achieve long-lasting performance. Gearboxes are rated based on the RPM they are able to perform under a given horsepower. Choosing a correct gearbox size will prevent the wearing of teeth, failing of bearings, and fatiguing and shearing of roll pins.

Choosing Drive Size: Torque and Horsepower

It is important to communicate with your vendor to understand the strength and size of the specific drive needed for your application. In an all-too-common scenario, customers sometimes underestimate the amount of torque a drive will routinely encounter on the job. Suppliers sometimes discover that their drives, rated for 190 inch pounds of torque, are instead running at 400 inch pounds, since each drive is rated for an ultimate static torque. If an operation frequently exceeds the recommended levels of torque and/or horsepower, a good drive may still operate acceptably for some time. Eventually, however, the teeth will wear, bearings will fail, and roll pins will fatigue and then shear.

Achieve Optimal Performance with MITRPAK Spiral Bevel Gears

At a minimum, a good vendor should be willing to work closely with you, ensuring that the drive and components you select will match the requirements of the work you need the drive to do. At Lampin, we are able to go further by customizing a drive to meet your application’s unique needs. Contact Lampin today to learn more about MITRPAK.