There is a long list of pros and cons for both offshore and domestic production, but there are a few clear benefits to choosing a domestic supplier. Right angle gearbox manufacturers based in the USA, like MITRPAK®, can provide an efficient, satisfaction-guaranteed customer service experience that producers overseas simply cannot match.

1. Customer Service You Can Trust

Perhaps the number-one benefit to working with a domestic right angle gearbox supplier is easy communication without the limitations of language barriers, cultural differences, or time zones. Material sourcing and product specifications are easily monitored. A domestic supplier can more efficiently provide updates on the status of your order or help you make any last-minute changes. In short, domestic suppliers allow for better communication and minimal disruption to your production schedule.

In an effort to save time, an overseas manufacturer may forego the process of consulting their US-based customers before making changes to an order; they will often source cheaper material (to save on overhead costs) without speaking to the customer. The final product may still be functional, but the lower quality can lead to costly delays or repairs. With a domestic supplier, you can be confident that information is accurately conveyed, recorded, and adhered to, ensuring product results on which you can depend.

2. Fast Response Time

A domestic supplier is readily available to solve problems, should something unexpected happen. For example, a distributor recently contacted MITRPAK® with a customer who had accidentally damaged a gearbox during a routine maintenance activity. The gearbox was part of a production-critical piece of equipment. After the damage, all production ceased and every minute of downtime represented a significant and unexpected loss in revenue. They needed a replacement gearbox immediately. The distributor wanted to meet the customer’s needs quickly, but the original gearbox had been manufactured in China. A replacement would not be available for delivery for at least a week.

The distributor worked with MITRPAK® to obtain a gearbox that could be installed the next day without any adjustments to the customer’s production line. Because MITRPAK® gearboxes are produced in the USA, the replacement was sent out immediately and the plant was back on schedule the very next day. This helped avoid unnecessary downtime and saved the customer thousands of dollars.

3. Save Time and Money on Shipping and Transportation

Another significant advantage to working with a domestic supplier is saving time and money on transportation costs. When working with manufacturers overseas, product shipping costs are much higher; they often have a greater distance to travel and must factor in duties and customs fees. The extra distance extends lead times and slows the overall production schedule. Shipping delays or unexpected setbacks can extend lead times even further, costing you hundreds in lost production hours.

Choosing a domestic right angle gearbox supplier guarantees a high-quality customer service experience. Domestic suppliers like MITRPAK® have the proximity and flexibility to help solve problems and respond to issues that require immediate attention. They are more cost-effective and can help shorten your overall production schedule for maximum product throughput. For more information about MITRPAK® right angle gearboxes, contact us today.