Lampin’s capabilities have traditionally been focused on precision component machining as well as small mechanical subassemblies and gearboxes under our MITRPAK® brand. Recently, however, a machining prospect approached us with an interesting challenge.

Diversifying Services to Meet Customer Needs

precision machiningThis customer manufactures test equipment to support the power generation industry. They had been producing a popular electromechanical assembly for several years, however, their incumbent supplier had reached their capacity and were unable to meet the growing demand for this product.

The device included several parts that required custom machining. Initially, we were approached to provide a quote for just the component machining. However, the customer still needed someone to assemble the entire device and they eventually approached Lampin to see if we could accomplish the task.

Electromechanical Assembly Manufacturing

While our core competency is machining, the Lampin team was more than willing to meet this challenge head-on. Our process managers and engineers got together to research the project and to find the right partner to work with Lampin on the electronic requirements of the assembly.

We have now shipped several hundred of these assemblies in four different design iterations; the customer is very satisfied, especially with our willingness to accommodate its frequent forecasting changes and delivery requirements. With this partnership in place, Lampin now has the proven capability to manufacture complete electromechanical assemblies.

We at Lampin would welcome an opportunity to expand our full assembly services and look forward to providing you with a competitive quotation. For more information on our electromechanical assembly manufacturing services, contact us today.