peer training at lampin

At the Lampin Corporation, continuous improvement is one of our strongest company values. As an employee-owned company, each of our employees—from our operations managers to our machinists—has a stake in our overall success. Perhaps this is why everyone on the Lampin team is willing to take advantage of our on-the-job training opportunities to maximize their capabilities and keep improving.

Passing On Years of Experience

Recently, several of our employee-owners asked a senior machinist (who is nearing retirement) to pass on his extensive knowledge and experience in CNC programming. The senior machinist, Ed Smith, has been with our company for more than twenty years. Over this time, Mr. Smith has accrued decades of experience in every level of machining and become a top performer at one of the nation’s leading CNC machining shops.

peer training at lampinLampin provides employees with on-the-job training in CNC programming and machining, regardless of their starting level of experience. We have also partnered with local schools, like Quinsigamond College, to provide employees and students with formal training in precision machining operations. The workers who requested training from Mr. Smith regularly attend the classes provided at Quinsigamond College, but this in-house training from a company veteran is most beneficial of all. Mr. Smith’s training on the machines, products, and materials used at Lampin is invaluable to these other employees.

Mr. Smith has been happy to share his knowledge with his coworkers. His first training session with the younger team members focused on how to troubleshoot CNC programming. The next phase of training will involve writing the CNC programming for new parts.

Being an ESOP makes training a high priority because the success of the company benefits all of our employees—even after retirement. When hiring, Lampin looks for individuals who are truly motivated to learn because the success of each individual affects that of the whole company. As older employee-owners retire and newer machinists join our team, eager to learn from those who have come before them, these Lampin training sessions have become more and more regular.