MITRPAK® provides spiral bevel gear drives to OEMs in a wide variety of industries. Recently, we fulfilled a request from a global leader in the design and manufacture of packaging equipment. The client provides primary and secondary automated packaging solutions for virtually any packaging application including aerosol, consumer goods, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and more. The customer approached MITRPAK® seeking several right angle gearboxes for multiple packaging equipment systems.  

Achieve Smooth, Reliable Operations for Packaging Equipment

MITRPAK® spiral bevel gear drives are an ideal choice for automated packaging equipment. They provide smooth, reliable power transmission and can be found in conveyor systems for some of the largest packaging industry leaders in the U.S.

Each unit contains hardened steel spiral bevel gears in an aluminum alloy housing. The gearboxes are sealed and lubricated for life. Fine-tuned for minimal backlash, MITRPAK® gearboxes run quietly for the entirety of their operating lifespan. The gear shafts are stainless steel and there are a variety of shaft configurations and rotation options available to suit the needs of your system. Each spiral bevel gear is produced using high-quality precision machining to guarantee flawless power transmission with minimal backlash.

Versatile Design and Application

The customer designs and manufactures unique packaging systems for a multitude of industries with varying requirements that must be fulfilled for optimal operation. MITRPAK® right-angle gearboxes are available in different sizes with several options for shaft configuration and rotation. They can also be customized to suit the unique needs of any application. Custom options include housing coatings, seals, and lubricants. We also have the ability to customize the shaft length.

MITRPAK® provided the customer with several right angle gearboxes designed specifically for the individual systems they were engineering. The gear drives were installed successfully and the client was very satisfied with their performance. To find out more about what MITRPAK® spiral bevel gear drives can do for your automated packaging system, contact us today.