Recently, MITRPAK® was approached by a US-based food processing manufacturer who was in the process of upgrading some of their older equipment. They required new, spiral bevel gear drives that would provide power transmission around a 90-degree angle. Ideally, the gear drives would be silent, long-lasting and sealed to the environment to prevent contamination of the food products.

Reliable, Repeatable Power Transmission

MITRPAK® right angle gear drives are perfect for the variable conditions of a food processing facility. Corrosion and heat resistant, MITRPAK® gearboxes are fully submersible and can be flexibly applied to virtually any food processing application. They are made with precision-machined spiral bevel gears that run smoothly and quietly. An adjustable locknut ensures each unit can be adjusted perfectly by hand, extending the expected lifespan of your equipment and minimizing maintenance time.

Clean operation and the prevention of product contamination was a primary concern for this customer. Not only could their product be contaminated by foreign particulates, but the product itself could be a health hazard in its raw form. Keeping the equipment and overall facility sanitary required frequent cleaning and inspection, which made MITRPAK® a great choice for this particular application. Their durability makes it easy to keep equipment clean and sanitary with a variety of cleaning methods, including high-pressure steam, chemical sprays or hot pressure washing.

Customizable Options for Food Grade Applications

The customer required several gearboxes in a range of sizes and configurations. MITRPAK® specializes in providing spiral bevel gear drives that are fully customizable for your unique application. There are two and three shaft configurations with several rotational combinations available. For food processing applications, the gear drives can be sealed with a food-grade grease (Vestan HT/AW clear #2), nitrile seals (or Viton seals by request), and double seals placed onto the bearing locknuts. This lubrication option is FDA approved and meets the standards for section 121.2553 of the USDAA regulations. The customer opted for several three-way gearboxes with food grade grease to complete the upgrades for their new, automated food processing equipment.

For more information about how MITRPAK® spiral bevel gear drives can improve your automated food processing equipment, contact us today.