A large distributor of motion control products utilizes and distributes MITRPAK right angle gearboxes. The company is a longtime customer that produces a wide range of motion control products including screw jacks, actuators, and more. They frequently stock their inventory with right angle gearboxes by MITRPAK, to help facilitate purchasing by OEMs who are engineering equipment that must make a 90-degree turn.

Combining Customization and Inventory Management

MITRPAK produces gearboxes specifically engineered for use with the distributor’s jacks and actuators in multiple system types. These gearboxes are slightly smaller but they are still lubricated for life, with an aluminum housing, and stainless steel shafts. The gearboxes serve as important components for the jack and actuator systems, which is why the distributor trusts MITRPAK as their number one source for right angle spiral bevel gearboxes.

Another special feature for this particular line of MITRPAK gearboxes is that the shafts are designed to be slightly longer than our standard, a small difference that was implemented for installation in the customer’s motion control products. MITRPAK helps to maintain their inventory for purchasing by producing large batches in standard sizes.

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