UXBRIDGE, Mass., May 16th, 2019 — Lampin Co., an employee-owned precision component manufacturer in Uxbridge, MA, continues to grow with the addition of a second Tsugami B0326 turning and milling machine. The new machine will enable them to further expand their overall workflow capacity, allowing them to take on more business while also decreasing lead times for their customers.  

“As an ESOP, we’re all highly motivated to make investments that will enable us to continue to grow and improve the overall stability of the business”, said Lampin President, Robin LeClaire, “Adding another advanced turning and milling machine to our inventory has allowed us to take on more work while maintaining, and improving, the level of efficiency and quality our customers have come to expect from us.”

Lampin had previously added a Tsugami B0326 to their inventory in early 2016. The B0326has the ability to perform multiple turning and milling operations in one process, thus reducing the number of operations required to finish a precision component. They are able to manufacture complex parts up to 32mm in diameter.

The new machine will allow Lampin to provide customers with decreased lead times while also enabling them to take on more business and continue to grow. Lampin’s goal is to demonstrate to their customers that they are a reliable partner who is prepared to expand and succeed in the long term. For more information about manufacturing precision components, contact Lampin Co. today.

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