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Lampin produces high quality, custom precision components for OEMs specializing in the design and manufacture of air quality monitoring equipment and air samplers. One of our long-standing customers is a biotechnology product development company that manufactures air quality testing equipment for industrial, medical and commercial applications. Recently, our precision machinists helped the client troubleshoot a production issue for components intended for air quality monitoring equipment heading to China.

Machining Services for Air Sampler Atmospheric Chamber

The customer initially approached Lampin with a limited amount of information about the product they were producing. It appeared to be an atmospheric chamber where the air sample would be evaluated for particulates and contamination via an inserted probe. The part was made of lightweight aluminum with a clear anodized surface coating.

Troubleshooting the Production Process to Improve Quality and Reduce Cost

At first, the purpose of the parts was not discussed, and so Lampin was not able to provide any design support. As a result, when the parts arrived they didn’t function in the equipment as intended. An engineer from Lampin made an onsite visit to inspect the issue and worked with the customer to revise the manufacturing process and prevent any future occurrences of similar issues. Our engineer found that tapped pipe threads were not good enough for the customer’s needs, so the process was adjusted. The pipe threads were thread-milled to improve quality. Extra measures were also taken with custom fixturing to ensure the compound orientation of the pipe threads was exact.

With help from Lampin, the manufacturing process for the parts was adjusted and subsequent deliveries were successfully assembled in the finished equipment. The customer was very pleased with the product quality, level of service and engineering assistance Lampin was able to provide.

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