Lampin is proud to announce their recent recognition for unique contributions to the Massachusetts economy in the 2019 AIM Next Century Awards. Excerpt from the AIM blog:

Robin LeClaire knows a thing or two about the value of companies developing their own talent. After all, LeClaire was an original employee of Lampin Corporation and spent 31 years at the company before assuming the role of president two years ago.

Uxbridge-based Lampin is an employee-owned company that makes precision parts and components for some 370 major manufacturers in the aerospace, telecommunications, robotics, defense, renewable energy, medical device, optical, and laser industries. The company’s services include value engineering, precision machining,  subassemblies, laser marking, metal treatment, and finishing—individually or in combination—to quickly deliver precision parts.

“Because Lampin is 100 percent employee-owned, we have a stake in the outcome. Our employee-owners take pride in maintaining machines and seeing customer orders from start to finish. Lampin is among the select few 100 percent employee-owned manufacturing companies in the United States and the pride and quality are demonstrated in our work,” the company says.

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