Ultraviolet LEDsAt Lampin, our number one goal is to go beyond precision to deliver components and assemblies that exceed the expectations of our customers. Recently, an OEM specializing in UV curing technology approached us with a problem in their assembly process. They required a solution for a roller assembly in a UV conveyor system.

Standard Off-The-Shelf Components Cause Assembly Issues

For this project, the customer was using a standard, off-the-shelf timing pulley for one of their conveyor system products. During assembly, the pulley would be press-fit onto another part. Unfortunately, they were having issues consistently fitting the standard timing pulleys onto the roller shaft.  

Timing pulleys are essential for maintaining the speed ratio of the conveyor belt. The customer’s UV curing conveyor systems were designed to provide precise control of the variable belt speed through the UV curing process. This ensured products would be cured thoroughly and evenly, while also enabling end-users to adjust the belt speed for a variety of different products and curing processes.  

Designing Custom Precision Solutions

Our team of precision machinists examined the roller assembly to determine if Lampin could provide the client with a custom solution. The roller assembly itself was fairly simple, consisting of a hollow aluminum shaft with off-the-shelf timing pulley’s fitted onto the ends. However, because the pulleys were a base design, and not customized for the client’s equipment, ensuring they would fit onto the shaft securely was difficult. 

Lampin is able to leverage in-house engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise to produce custom, high-precision timing pulleys of any size for virtually any application. For this customer, we produced custom aluminum timing pulleys which required turning and hobbing operations to complete. We also produced the hollow aluminum shaft and utilized our in-house assembly services to complete the roller assembly for the client. This enabled them to streamline their overall production process for maximum cost-savings overall. 

Our team is able to manufacture quality timing pulleys from scratch here in the USA, ensuring you always have the pulleys you need, at a truly competitive price. For more information about custom timing pulleys and assemblies, contact Lampin today