spiral bevel gears

A spiral bevel gear drive’s sophistication and superior performance offer the engineer many opportunities. In a typical right angle gear, the perpendicular alignment of the gear teeth can cause noise, unpredictable operating cycles, and other issues. Spiral bevel gears have teeth designed to mesh on the diagonal, making the transmission of force smooth, quiet, and powerful. 

A spiral bevel gear can also significantly reduce backlash when correctly calibrated. In most instances, this is achieved with a shim or retaining ring. MITRPAK spiral bevel gear drive features a unique locknut for faster, more precise adjustment.  Few gears outmatch a MITRPAK spiral bevel gear drive in performance, speed, and ingenuity.                             

Minimizing Noise In Right Angle Gear Drives

Spiral bevel gear drives are precisely fitted to minimize the distance between enmeshed gears. The reduced space between the gear teeth means less opportunity for backlash and noise during operation as the teeth connect. Thus, the quieter operation of spiral bevel gears is ideal to utilize in environments where noise reduction is a priority. 

Spiral Bevel Gear Drives for High-Torque and High-Speed Applications

Because spiral bevel gears have a greater tooth area, they can deliver more torque output than other gears of the same size. Spiral bevel gears, as a result, can move faster than other gears, producing greater output in less time. In industrial applications, spiral bevel gears offer strength and robust transmission of force.

Smooth Operation Keeps Gear Drives Cool 

Smooth operation comes naturally with the higher speed and precision of a spiral bevel gear. Equipment utilizing a spiral bevel gear drive benefits from reduced strain, less friction, and lower heat generation. This feature is essential in scenarios where heat and safety are a concern, especially in industrial applications requiring prolonged continuous operation. As the teeth of typical gears make contact, the impact and friction can cause a host of problems: heat output, backlash or recoil, and erratic operation cycles— just to name a few! On the other hand, spiral bevel gears minimize friction and impact between gear teeth with minimal backlash and consistent, predictable cycle times.

Spiral Bevel Gears Minimize Need for Repairs or Replacements

Spiral bevel gears are often higher in quality and last longer than other types of gears, requiring less need for maintenance repairs. While some may require frequent lubrication and calibration,  MITRPAK® spiral bevel gear drives have double-shielded, permanently lubricated and sealed bearings, an aluminum alloy housing, and hardened steel gears for optimal performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

Spiral Bevels Lead the Way in Right Angle Gears 

When it comes to right angle gear performance there’s no question about it— spiral bevel gears are the discerning engineer’s top choice. From sporting arena seating to heavy industrial equipment, spiral bevel gear drives offer enticing benefits for any operating scenario. Explore MITRPAK and discover the right angle gear drive to optimize your equipment design today. 

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Spiral Bevel Gear Drives