Lampin employee owners stand behind a table covered in food donations

For those of us fortunate enough not to experience food insecurity, it’s easy to forget the reality of hunger in our communities. Hunger is a widespread issue that affects various groups, including the unemployed or underemployed, seasonal workers, veterans, and the elderly. Even local families face difficult choices between paying for essentials such as food, housing, utilities, medications/medical care, childcare, transportation, and education. 

When families achieve food security, children can concentrate during school, adults perform better at work and seniors maintain independent living. These factors all help people and communities thrive.

At Lampin, we recognize the importance of giving back to our community and helping those in need,  which is why we are committed to supporting our local food banks and providing assistance to those struggling with hunger. 

During the month of April, Lampin Corporation organized a food drive, and the employee-owners stepped up to the challenge by donating generously from their hearts to those less fortunate. We understand that hunger doesn’t discriminate and that it affects people from all walks of life. That’s why we are committed to doing our part to help those in need.

All proceeds from our food drive will be given to the Worcester County Food Bank, a non-profit organization that provides food and supplies to local food pantries in Worcester County. By partnering with them, we can ensure that our donations reach those who need them the most.

At Lampin, we believe that giving back is not just about making a difference in someone else’s life. It’s also about creating a ripple effect that can positively change our community. We invite you to join us in making a difference! Together, we can help build stronger communities, fight hunger, and provide access to healthy meals for all.