Yesterday, Lampin held its annual employee celebration, a lively event that honored the hard work and dedication of its employee-owners. As an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), Lampin takes pride in its employee-ownership model and the strong sense of community it fosters. The gathering united current employee-owners, retired Lampin employees, and board members for a day of delicious food, engaging discussions, and a heartfelt retirement send-off.

The celebration kicked off with a delightful meal enjoyed in the beautiful late spring weather. The highlight of the event was a mouthwatering pig roast catered by the local company, K & J’s Bit’Chin BBQ. The irresistible aroma of slow-cooked meats wafted through the air, awakening the appetites of all attendees. Employee-owners and their guests savored the flavorsome feast as a well-deserved reward for their unwavering commitment and hard work.

The celebration provided a wonderful opportunity for retired Lampin employees to reconnect with their former colleagues and experience the enduring camaraderie within the Lampin community. Their presence served as a testament to the lasting bonds and the sense of legacy cherished by Lampin.

After the satisfying meal, company president John Biagioni welcomed everyone and highlighted Lampin’s achievements over the past year, offering an optimistic forecast for the future. Alex Perry from Ventura Trust, Lampin’s external ESOP trustee, and Jerry Sweeney from Merrill Lynch took the stage, engaging employee-owners in insightful discussions about Lampin’s financial performance. Their down-to-earth approach addressed questions and concerns, fostering transparency and empowering employee-owners to take pride in their contributions to Lampin’s growth and success.

Amidst the festivities, the celebration also honored the retirement of Lori Dzivasen, a dedicated administrative professional who had devoted many years to Lampin. Attendees enjoyed cake and applauded Lori’s unwavering dedication and contributions to Lampin’s success. It was a fitting tribute, encapsulating the spirit of hard work and unity that defines Lampin.

Lampin’s 2023 Annual Employee Celebration was a resounding success, exemplifying the tight-knit community spirit that prevails within the company. The event united employee-owners, retired Lampin employees, and board members in a day filled with delectable food, engaging discussions, and a heartfelt farewell to a valued retiree. As the celebration came to a close, the bonds of camaraderie and shared pride remained strong, testifying to Lampin’s commitment to cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment for its employee-owners.