Empowering Massachusetts’ Workforce: John Biagioni Joins Employee Ownership Advisory Board

Lampin President brings experience, innovation, and a strong commitment to employee ownership to enhance economic strategies across the Commonwealth.


Uxbridge, MA –  March 4, 2024 – In a significant move acknowledging the vital role of employee ownership in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable economy, Governor Maura Healy has announced the appointment of John Biagioni, President of Lampin Corporation, to the Employee Ownership Advisory Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

John Biagioni, President of Lampin Corporation, addresses a group of employee-owners at their 2023 employee appreciation event.

John Biagioni, President of Lampin Corporation, addresses a group of employee-owners at their 2023 employee appreciation event.

Biagioni, known for his thoughtful leadership and commitment to employee-centric business practices, brings to the board a wealth of experience from his tenure at Lampin Corporation, a pioneer in precision manufacturing and an advocate for Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). Under his stewardship, Lampin has not only excelled in delivering high-quality precision components but has also championed the cause of employee ownership, reflecting a shared prosperity model that benefits both the company and its workforce.

The appointment fortifies the Commonwealth’s dedication to promoting employee ownership as a key strategy for economic development and corporate responsibility. The Employee Ownership Advisory Board plays a crucial role in advising on policies and strategies that encourage the growth of ESOPs and worker cooperatives, fostering a business environment where employees are stakeholders in their companies’ success.

“I am honored to join the Employee Ownership Advisory Board and look forward to contributing to the Commonwealth’s efforts in promoting a business culture that recognizes the value of every employee,” said John Biagioni. “This opportunity not only recognizes the hard work and dedication of the Lampin Corp. team but also enables us to share our successful practices and insights to foster a more vibrant business community throughout Massachusetts.”

With a dynamic background that spans roles from machinist to CEO, John Biagioni’s leadership at Lampin Corporation has been marked by a forward-thinking approach to manufacturing and a deep belief in the power of employee ownership. His innovative strategies, including integrating IoT-driven smart systems and a proactive approach to cybersecurity, have optimized business processes and cultivated a culture of shared success within the organization. Biagioni’s academic credentials, including a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s in Operations and Information Technology, complement his extensive industry experience, positioning him as a valuable asset to the Employee Ownership Advisory Board and a driving force for promoting economic equity and collaborative business growth in Massachusetts.

Held on Friday, March 1, the virtual swearing-in ceremony for new board members showcased Massachusetts as a leader in the national movement towards employee ownership, emphasizing the state’s innovative approach to economic resilience and worker empowerment. The ceremony introduced the board’s strategic objectives, advising the Healey administration through initiatives like MassCEO and the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) on employee ownership matters. A significant portion of the board’s strategy included a proposed budget primarily focused on technical assistance grants to financially support businesses during their transition to employee ownership. This approach underscores the board’s dedication to removing financial barriers and simplifying the process for interested companies.

In addition to Biagioni, the board includes a number of notable members, such as Edward Carberry, Associate Professor, Department of Management at University of Massachusetts Boston, Darnell Adams, a dynamic leadership coach and business strategist with over twenty years of experience working with nonprofit, for-profit, and cooperative businesses, and Dan Kenary, co-founder and CEO of Harpoon Brewery, a well-recognized figure in the ESOP community since transitioning his own company to employee ownership in 2014. Together with a group of well-respected experts in employee equity the board boasts a wealth of expertise and experience, promising to make substantial contributions to the promotion and support of employee-owned businesses in Massachusetts.

The tone of the first meeting signals a bright future, demonstrating a commitment to active engagement and effecting tangible transformations. Their collective efforts are poised to drive significant change across Massachusetts, promoting a business environment where every employee is valued and prosperity is shared. This initiative not only aims to enhance the economic landscape of the Commonwealth but also to set a benchmark for corporate responsibility and community resilience across the nation.