Lampin Corporation Appoints John Biagioni to Board of Directors

John Biagioni, a man with light skin, dark brown hair, glasses, and a brown beard, stands in front of a Lampin sign. He is smiling proudly and stands in a confident pose with his arms crossed in front of him.


Lampin Corporation announces the appointment of President and CEO John Biagioni to its Board of Directors, highlighting his leadership and commitment to innovation, employee ownership, and industry excellence.


Uxbridge, MA – July 11, 2024 Lampin Corporation, a leading contract manufacturer of precision parts and components for major OEMs in industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, robotics, defense, renewable energy, medical devices, optical, and laser, is pleased to announce the appointment of President and CEO, John Biagioni, to its Board of Directors. This strategic addition to the board underscores Lampin’s commitment to innovation, employee ownership, and industry leadership.

Biagioni, who has been serving as the President and CEO of Lampin Corporation since 2022, brings a comprehensive, multi-faceted perspective to the board. With over a decade of leadership experience, including his recent tenure as president at Dynisco, Biagioni has a deep background in manufacturing, procurement, and management. He began his career as a machinist and has held numerous positions across the manufacturing sector. 

“We are thrilled to welcome John Biagioni to our Board of Directors,” said Lampin board member Donald Romine. “John’s extensive experience will enrich our collective decision-making. His close connection to our markets, customers, and employees will undoubtedly enhance our ability to navigate emergent risks and seize opportunities. John’s presence reinforces the bridge between our board and our day-to-day operations, ensuring we remain deeply connected and responsive to the issues that matter most. We are confident his contributions will help Lampin reach new heights and achieve ambitious objectives.”

John Biagioni expressed his enthusiasm about joining the Lampin board. “I am honored to join Lampin’s Board of Directors and continue working closely with our exceptional team. Our employee-owners are the heart of our success, and I am dedicated to ensuring their voices are heard at the highest levels of our organization. Together, we will drive innovation, uphold our commitment to precision, and foster a culture of shared prosperity and excellence.”

Under John Biagioni’s leadership, the 100% employee-owned company has embraced a forward-thinking approach that leverages advanced technologies and employee-centric practices. His focus on enhancing cybersecurity ensures that Lampin’s systems and data are protected against evolving threats, safeguarding the company’s and clients’ interests. Moreover, Biagioni’s commitment to the ESOP company structure has fostered a culture where employees contribute to and benefit from the company’s growth. His management and manufacturing strategies have been pivotal in ensuring operational continuity and resilience in the face of global challenges.

Biagioni holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Rhode Island and a Master’s in Operations and Information Technology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He serves as a Board Advisor for WPI’s CEDAR (Circular Economy and Data Analytics Engineering Research for Sustainability) and Engineering Department Advisory Board, is a published authority on operational strategy, and holds four patents in Sensor and Rheological Instruments. In 2024, he was appointed to the Employee Ownership Advisory Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This appointment is part of Lampin’s broader strategy to strengthen its leadership team and drive sustained growth. With John Biagioni’s appointment to the board, Lampin is poised to leverage new opportunities and navigate the evolving landscape of the precision machining and engineering industry.