Beyond Precision

With more than 50 years of experience manufacturing critical components for the most demanding applications, Lampin Corporation has moved Beyond Precision.

With today’s modern CNC machining systems, precision is a given. Knowing how to apply the right machine operations with the right tools for the right tolerance with near perfect finish is where experience comes into play. And that’s where we excel.

We start with a value engineering review with your engineering team to understand the big picture. How do critical components work together? Are the materials selected the best choice for repeatability and cumulative tolerance factors between multiple parts? We go beyond precision to provide the best performing part at the best value.

Customers see Lampin as a provider of more than just critical components. Our precision assembly services ensure that components perform together as intended. We offer several supply chain management services to further reduce costs and complexity. We work with KanBan, Just-in-Time and other inventory control methods to ensure customers get the right quantity at the right time.

The underpinning to all of this is our employees. Years ago we realized that our team members took pride in maintaining their machines and seeing customer orders from start to finish. For that reason, in 2001, our employees became owners of the company. Today, Lampin is among a select few 100% employee-owned manufacturing companies in the United States.

Contact us to see what beyond precision can mean for your organization.